Inside the Factory


KDDhas maintained its strength and success since its first daily 2,000 liters’ production of pasteurized milk and yoghurt at the Shuwaikh plant in 1962. Its core production covers an approximately 34,000 square meters recombining dairy plant at Sabhan, the largest and the most technically advanced in the Middle East. The plant produces high quality dairy products, natural juices, tomato paste and culinary related products. The modernized Shuwaikh plant produces its extensive range of ice cream products.

Quality Control and Research

KDD has technologically advanced and fully-equipped laboratories at all its manufacturing facilities, with qualified fully-trained laboratory technicians conducting the analysis of all raw materials, as well as final products. Through extensive testing – physical, chemical, and bacteriological – all materials used in the manufacturing process, in addition to the products released to the market, are aligned with national and international standards and KDD’s even stricter standards.


Packaging is carried out on modern Tetra Pak equipment using specialized paper which has seven layers of aluminum laminate and polyethylene lining. The packs are completely sealed and will remain sterile for at least six months. Containers and cups for dairy product packaging, such as for yoghurt, labneh and ice-cream, are manufactured in the company’s up to date plastics factory at the Sabhan plant.

Logistical Support

KDD’s Finished Goods Warehousing operation controls all movements of incoming and outgoing pallets within a day. The entire operation is automated and system-driven, allowing high flexibility of operation, minimal human intervention in the process of the flow of goods and high accuracy in accounting.

Information Technology

KDD was the first food-processing organization in the whole region to implement Mobile Computing Technology in 1991, using Gatesys software. In 2001, KDD  implemented Oracle Process Manufacturing Management as a full-cycle and fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system, automating the business processes in a closed loop of Planning-Forecasting-Budgeting-Execution-Reporting. An experienced and dynamic IT team ensures that KDD’s systems remain state-of-the-art throughout our value chain.