What We Do

KDD’s main activities include manufacturing, distributing and marketing for dairy, juices, ice cream, and culinary products to international quality standards through modern state of the art  production and packaging. 

KDD’s operation consists of several integrated segments, each playing a vital role in achieving a common goal: to form a strong bond with the customer.

Dairy Products 

Plain and flavored milks, yoghurts, laban and cheese.


100% pure juices, drinks and nectars. 


Cones, cups, sticks, family packs, sandwiches, lollies and premium ice-cream.


Thick cream, liquid cream, butter, olive oil, tomato paste, and béchamel sauce.


KDD products are available in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and India.

Home Delivery

KDD offers the convenience of getting the best products delivered directly to customers’ homes. This convenience is made possible through an efficient home delivery and door-to-door network operations. 

Retail Outlets – “Gate-Shops” 

KDD operates several exclusive outlets in Kuwait. The entire range of KDD products is available at all the outlets. The KDD “Gate-Shops”, as they are popularly known, provide attentive service and a warm ambience to ensure the best shopping experience for loyal customers.

DUKKAN – Mini Markets

DUKKAN, part of KDD Group, is a chain of convenience stores launched in 2009. It has several outlets conveniently situated all over Kuwait. DUKKAN is the new face of the neighborhood retailing in Kuwait, where customers buy groceries and household items. Dukkans also have snack corners for coffee, doughnuts and other delicacies. In addition, they offer a fast and free home delivery service.