• In which countries does KDD distribute its products?
    KDD distributes its products in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Where are KDD gate-shops?
    The following are the location for the KDD Gate-shops:
    1. Shuwaikh Gate-Shop: Shuwaikh, Street 17, opposite Al- Ahmadyia Company.
    2. Midan Hawally Gate-shop: Midan Hawally, Baghdad Street, at Al- Khaled Complex.
    3. Al- Fahaheel Gate-Shop: Al-Fahaheel, Al-Dabouse street, at Jassem Al-Dubious complex
    4. Al- Jahra Gate-Shop: Al-Jahraa, Block 4, Marzouk Al-Musad street at Messier Al- Habshi Complex
  • What are the working hours for KDD gate-shops?
    Every day from 6:30 AM until 10:00 PM.
  • Who prepares the recipes for KDD Kitchen Secrets App?
    KDD selects the finest chefs to prepare for you and educate you on different Middle Eastern, Western and Indian recipes. You can choose between detailed written recipes or step-by-step recipe videos to guide you on exquisite new dishes. Videos and recipes are available on the “KDD Recipes” App on the Apple Store and Play store.
  • What should I do in order to work with KDD?
    If you think you have the skills, talent, and ambition to become part of KDD, you can send you resume and cover letter at If there is a vacancy that complements your education and experience, we shall contact you for an interview.
  • How long does it take to deliver KDD products?
    For our regular prepaid customers, the deliveries are on fixed schedule (3 days a week). For other customers, within 24 hours of making the order.
  • How can I communicate with KDD Company if I have a complaint or an inquiry?
    If you have any questions or complaint, do not hesitate to go to the “Contact Us” section on the website and send us your feedback. We will revert to you as soon as we can.
  • Where are the vending machines available for purchasing?
    Currently, we do not have this service.
  • Do you conduct factory tours?
    Yes, we do conduct factory tours at our factory in Sabhan! If you wish to learn about KDD’s journey over the years, please send us an email at in order to book your tour. We shall revert back to you with a confirmation within 48 hours.
  • What are the sponsorship procedures at KDD?
    You can send a formal proposal at addressing it to the Marketing Department.