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How It’s Made​

KDD has made consistent investments in ingredient sourcing, machinery, production processes & quality control to build a sustainable supply chain.

Premium Ingredients

KDD is highly committed to sourcing quality ingredients. KDD responsibly sources the finest ingredients to produce healthy, tasty, and nutritious products. With the support of robust production and quality controls, KDD ensures that customers have access to the very best.

Quality Control

KDD’s facilities and processes are supported by regular quality audits. Products undergo laboratory analysis and stringent quality checks  before they are shipped to customers. All KDD manufactured and tested products meet GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) Standards. Highest standards of quality, safety and care for the environment are the building blocks of KDD’s complete value chain

Efficient Packaging

KDD’s long-life products are thermally treated to remove any possibility of contamination and aseptically packed to retain a shelf life of up to nine months. The shelf life varies depending on the product type. Short-life products and ice cream are vertically integrated, and KDD produces its own plastic packaging to have full control of the material that comes in direct contact with the product .

State of the Art Manufacturing

KDD’s production centres in various locations cover approximately 57,000 sq m, producing and packing high quality dairy products, juices, ice creams, biscuits, tomato paste and other culinary products. The KDD Sabhan plant is also one of the largest and most technically advanced plants in the Middle East.

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